Haribo Gummy Bears as a post-workout fuel source!

So there's this guy in the UK named Russ Howe.   He is one of my favorite trainers in the world because he has a no BS attitude toward training.  He got me to turn to Haribo Gummy Bears for my post-workout recovery regimen. Here's why: these little yummy treats contain DEXTROSE which is a form of sugar. Read this article about dextrose and why it is better than any other type of sugar or carb when refueling after a workout: http://www.stack.com/2012/12/12/post-workout-dextrose/ .  So a couple of days ago, I cleaned out the convenience store and bought all of my clients some Haribo Gummy Bears! 

So read the article, and then after your workout, a handful of gummy bears and some protein, within 30 minutes!